All wines are 100% varietal, 100% single vineyard, and 100% sub-appellation. Known for it's many microclimates, Napa has 16 sub-appellations within it's own appellation. We focus on single vineyard wines to better express the distinct personalities of the many microclimates in the Napa Valley. Handcrafted from vine to bottle, one is a true expression of single varietal wines without the practice of blending.

one grape                                                             
At its best, unblended Cabernet produces wines of great intensity and depth of flavor. Cabernet has an affinity for oak. Given 20 to 30 months in oak barrels, it takes on more complex flavors and nuances while slowly oxidizing and softening it's big tannins. The acheivment of creating a complex Cabernet was not done by blending other varietal wines (can be up to 25%), but instead, aging the wine for long periods of time in high quality French and American Oak barrels to create nuance. The oak barrels play a role to the wine maker, like a spice rack does to a baker.

one vineyard
One vineyard or "single vineyard" is a true representation of where the wine came from. Single vineyard wine tells a story of all environmental factors including soil, wind, sunlight, and temperature. Enjoy the terroir of "one."

one appellation
Atlas Peak is one of the 16 sub-appellations of Napa Valley located northeast of the town of Napa, just above the foothills of the Stags Leap District. Soils are rocky and volcanic in origin, basaltic red in color and tending to be shallow and well-drained.