Single Vineyard...Terroir Driven

Created with extraordinary balance and structure, this wine has the ability to age for years to come. Handcrafted from vine to bottle, Threesome Cellars concentrates on the three elements of Terroir, Nature, and Man.  These elements are a rich expression of a “sense of place” joined together to become Threesome.  

Threesome Cellars wines are small production wines of less than 60 cases produced per vintage.  These wines a great expression of "old world" style.  Threesome Cellars offers two single vineyard wines, Oak Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon and Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon.

Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley

The Oak Knoll appellation is located just north of Napa.  These grapes come from a small 2.5 acre vineyard located on Big Ranch Road.  The grapes are hand harvested and hand sorted before pressing and fermentation.  

The Oak Knoll District (OKD)  has ideal climates featuring morning fog and cool nights. These moderating influences produce one of the longest growing seasons in the Napa Valley, allowing these grapes abundant time to develop bright, evocative flavors, while still maintaining refreshing acidity.  In addition, OKD benefits from alluvial soils, which contribute to the expressive elegance found in these wines.

Coombsville Appellation

The Coombsville appellation is located east of Napa.  These grapes come from a small 10 acre vineyard located on Vichy Road.  

The Coombsville AVA itself is a bowl-shaped depression, cradled by a crescent-shaped section of the foothills of the Vacas Range, topped by Mt. George and Atlas Peak and flanked by the town of Napa and the Napa River. Most of the area was blanketed by volcanic ash from Mt. George. Alluvial flows covered the ash with cobble-stone strewn layers of rich loams. The gravelly loams and rocky volcanic soils drain easily and the ash sub-soils hold water, which the vines can access as the dry growing season progresses.  These wines have significant tannins, which provide excellent structure and mouth feel, along with underlying layers of earth and mineral flavors.